What To Wear To The Christmas Party - How To Choose Evening Dresses 2019

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What To Wear To The Christmas Party – How To Choose Evening Dresses 2019 ? The Christmas and New Year’s parties and celebrations are here as we look towards the end of 2019. This means there are are so many parties and events out there for you to attend .

This gives the opportunity for a variety of ways to dress yourself up for different party styles and occasions. Keep in mind each party may have their unique dress code and code .

The type of dress depends on the budget and how much you are willing to spend. If you are on a tight budget , then you should consider buying affordable dresses.

The good thing is most stores are offering discounts and coupons to encourage more people to shop.You can take advantage o this and get yourself something nice .

What type of party are you attending ?

First and foremost , before choosing a dress we must know the occasion here. You can’t go to a graduation party dressed as Santa ( Makes sense right? )

So before choosing a dress , we must know what the dress is for. For our case its the Christmas and New year’s party here people. ( Feel like shouting and dancing already ! )

We have a list of ideas for you to pick from that will help you get your perfect dress . These dresses have costs ranging from low to average that will not drain your wallet.

What To Wear To The Christmas Party

  • Semi Formal or Casual Christmas Party

What to wear to the Christmas party depends whether its formal or just casual . For a casual setting, we have to look for something that’s comfy and easy to wear.

It should give room for casual activities like a little bit of room for dancing,quick runs and easy to move in .

Here are 4 ideas that you can choose from :


  1. Casual Velvet Ruffle Dress


Office Casual Wear Velvet Ruffle DressThis Dress Is simple and has a comfy material . Its made of velvet and fashion ready. The black to bluish color is perfect for this occasion,other than that it will be a little be off.

This a moderate price dress at £29 ($38 )- You can buy it at the cjayfashion store

Plus in addition to that , you get it with FREE SHIPPING this holiday season !







2. Elegant Pencil Dress


Nice forever Elegant Casual Work Pencil Dress – B309

This beautiful dress comes in 4 handy colors that are at your disposal . We have black , Carmine , Green  and Red. This Pencil dress will just hug the right curves in the right places.

The eyes will be glued to you all night long. Be sure to make the most of it . ( Haaaha )

This dress can be worn for the Christmas party as well other evening out occasions.

This beautiful dress can be bought at the cjayfashion store for £27 ( $35 ) . You can buy here 

The product is eligible for Free International Shipping at no extra cost this holiday season.





3.Sexy Casual Knit Sheath Mini Dress


Sexy Casual Knit Sheath Mini Dress

Want to look sexy and still elegant? This might just work right and do the job. The color can transform from an O when fully buttoned to a V neck when un buttoned.

Its thigh high , you just have to make sure you put some panties on ( You might let the cat out , Haaaa)

This dress is available at the cjayfashion store at £12 ($ 16 ) .  You can buy it here at the store.

Dress can be shipped for Free in the US  and Most parts of Europe . Check in the checkout section to see if you are eligible.

Colors available are : Black , Gray and Red .

Click To view more of our sexy collection of dresses .





4. Ever-Pretty red dress collection



Image source : ever-pretty.com

Ever Pretty have a selection of dresses that you may consider checking out to supplement your shopping. They have a collection of red dresses that just match the occasion and sure enough you will come up with your perfect choice.

Red color is just the perfect selection for our holiday. The prices range from $15 to about $70 for this red collection .

You can check out at their store here



  • Club and Night Partying 

After the long day, comes the time to relax and stretch some muscles . The time to go out and see what happening out there and get some attention and may be who knows , something good might happen.

With our collection of Shiny ( Reflective ) , Sheer ( See through ) and Mini dresses , you will have one perfect for the night.

Lets have a look at some of our dress collections .


  1. Mesh See through Club Dress


Mesh See through Club Dress

This Sexy see through dress is perfect for the night club . Its Sheer and leaves nothing for the imagination . The dress has to be worn with panties inside otherwise the goochy might be up for grabs . ( Hahaa)

Its has straps and its shoulder length . The dress is long enough and just below the knee .

The dress is available at our store for £20 ( $27 ) and can be bought here .

The dress comes with Free US and Some parts of Europe. Check to see if you are eligible for Free Shipping .





2.Sexy Bandage Evening Party Clubwear Dress


Sexy Bandage Evening Party Clubwear Dress

The dress Comes at just above the knee . It has a semi translucent top that shows just some detail and leaves the rest to imagination.

Comes in Small , medium, large and Extra Large sizes. Colors available are : White, Black and Burgundy.

Dress is made from Polyester and has diamond decorations on the top.

The price for this dress is £11 ( $15 ) at our store here .

This Dress Has Free US Shipping . Other European countries may be eligible for Free Shipping too.




3.Reflective Club Party Dress


Reflective Club Party Dress

This Reflective Club Party Dress is going to make you look and feel good. With its reflective nature, it sure will capture some amount of attention your side.

The dress is above the knee ( Mini skirt ) . It is made from Polyester and has got Spaghetti Straps .

The dress comes with one color which is black. Sizes are : Small , Medium and Large.

Can be worn to The Christmas party, club or any other evening occasion .

The Price for this dress is £15 ( $20 ) . Dress can be bought here .

Standard Shipping rates apply for this dress.




4.Sexy Leather Bandage Sheath Club Dress


Sexy Leather Bandage Sheath Club Dress


This Leather dress comes with only the black color option. Its made of leather and has a sheath feel that hugs tightly the curves but leaves you comfortable.

This PU leather mini dress comes for a price of £10 ( $13)  and can be bought here

This price does not include Free shipping. Standard Shipping rates applies .






5.Long Sleeve Bandage Party Club Mini Dress


Long Sleeve Bandage Party Club Mini Dress 

The dress is made from Polyester , has a V and O neck (  Depends on what you will choose ) . The dress comes in black color only. This dress is perfect if you want to have a fur like feel  and keep warm without baggy jackets.

The dress comes in 3 makes as you can see in the picture. Just differs on the type of top on the dress. This mini dress is perfect for clubbing,partying ,an evening out or even the Christmas party .

The dress can be bought at our online store for £16 ( $20 ) . You can buy it here

The dress has Free US,UK and Canada shipping . Some parts of Europe can be shipped for free too. You need to check to see if you are eligible for Free Shipping.



To sum things up , these ideas will get you up and running in no time. In this holiday season , you sure will get a lot of choices to choose from with incredible prices and offers.

Shopping at our store with orders above £50 will automatically roll you in for free shipping . £50+ will grant you 25% of your next purchase. 

Christmas should be celebrated by everyone,it shouldn’t be us holding you back. We have got your back.

From our cjayfashion Store to you, We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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