To purchase a product,you can search through the product categories or use the search bar at the top.

After getting your preferred item,you can either add to cart and continue shopping or use the buy now button to take you  straight to the checkout page.

On the checkout page,enter your billing and shipping address and then choose your preferred payment option.

Upon successful payment, you will have successfully bought the product and will be shipped to your entered address. 

Upon successful payment,a receipt will be sent your email and will be found in your accounts page.

If you cannot log in your account, ensure the following ;

-You remember your password and have entered it correctly on the password field.

-You have previously registered via the registration page.

-Your browser accepts cookies as we use this to create sessions and your data that can be used to enhance your experience on the site.

-If it persists,try to use the forgot password or reset feature to recover your login details.

If none of this works for you,contact support via livechat or use [email protected] .

If you have purchased your product  and registered with Cjay Fashion , your product will be available in my purchased area.

To locate a product simply search by categories to easily to locate your product . 

Alternatively , you can use the live search box on top to quickly locate your product.

We accept card payments from 

  • Paypal
  • Visa, Mastercard 
  • JCB and American Express .

We are adding other payment methods soon. If your preferred Method is not available,contact support and we shall sort things for you

Currently card payments such as Visa and Mastercard can be stored on our store.

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We Offer Free Shipping to single purchases or bundle products that are equal or more than $50 worth.

Alternatively , Free Shipping Coupons maybe offered to certain shoppers.

Shipping takes 7 – 25 days on average. Sometimes it maybe affected by weather,holidays and natural hazards like the now Cornavirus pandemic.

If your product takes longer than 35 days,we will issue a refund for USA ,UK and CANADA customers.

Depending on your country,you maybe required to pay customs tax for the product. Don’t worry,we will try as much as possible to make sure you pay less. for more information on this contact support via livechat.

Some countries don’t require you to pay customs tax.

Simply take a video and pictures and send them to [email protected] with your name and order number .

Remember product defects must be sent within 2 days of receiving the package.

For Faulty or damaged products, we can either send you another one or issue a refund.

You can track your Order via the tack my order section on our Shop Homepage or alternatively if you can track it via https://www.cjayfashion.com/track-your-order/

Yes , upon your second purchase , you will be entitled to a 15% instant discount on your cart . You can reach as high as 65% discounts and Free Shipping Coupons on Selected products .

Yes , you can still purchase a product without registering for an account. To do this , just go to the checkout page and select “guest checkout” to buy without an account.

To contact support , you can ;